G-quadruplex Ligands Database

Naphthalene diimide ligand bound to telomeric DNA G-quadruplex


         You are at the portal of the G-quadruplex Ligands Database (G4LDB). It is a unique, comprehensive and well-organized database of G-quadruplex ligands. We provide a variety of data inquiry methods for you to efficiently retrieve, analyze, and design G-quadruplex ligands. We aim at spearheading your drug/ligand discovery efforts for G-quadruplex.

          G-quadruplexes are quadruplex nucleic acids structures in telomeres, gene promoters, mRNAs and many other sites in the genome and transcriptome. Ligands of G-quadruplexes either stabilize or induce the formation of G-quadruplex structures. Given the profound implication of G-quadruplex in various diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, G-quadruplex ligands have great potential applications in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

          Getting started with G-quadruplex ligands easy docking and fast screening.

Please cite G4LDB using the following reference: Li Q, Xiang JF, Yang QF, Sun HX, Guan AJ, Tang YL., G4LDB: a database for discovering and studying G-quadruplex ligands., Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 41, Issue D1, D1115-D1123.   PMID:23161677.

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